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hi my name is Tiffany Bartlett and i am 38 years old. i am currently serving a sentence for injury to a child times 2. let me tell you shortly how i got to where i am in 2003 i was a passenger in a car that got pulled over. at this time i was 7 months pregnant and sober. i had left a dope house where children were present and upon leaving this house i found a small piece of tubing left on the floor that had been used in a meth bong so i picked it up too avoid the kids finding it. When the cops searched me they found it. At first they let me go. I figured I was good to go.....nope. 2 weeks after i had my son that i gave up for adoption they arrested me on charges of felony possession of a controlled drug court....2+5 with probation, 6 months county time. i did well for a few years had a baby in 2006 that i kept and love more then life itself. 2007 brings stress beyond belief and I turn to drugs again. I got arrested in September get re sentenced to 1+6 lose all the time ii did well on probation and sent on a rider, i lose my grandma, my best friend, and don't get out until Sept 2008. i kill it on probation, outpatient programming, working, Sponsoring people in AA, then my husband relapses, I follow right behind him, getting high is the one thing i know......I lie to my counselors and they just keep adding meds to my daily regime. i ignore my kids choosing meth and relationships over them....2012 my husband starts get very abusive. I finally leave him. i wind up in Nevada and left my kids in Boise, I am gone for a month and come back to get them, i get violated and sent to prison. When I get my time imposed my fixed is already over. i leave ADA County and spend 4 months in Madison county jail. i get to Pocatello Women's correctional center go to board and get passed for a year for lack of programming......excuse me i can't program when i am told to do therapeutic community and get stuck out on work crew for almost a year after getting my path way. 2013-2014 i do the TC program and i do learn a lot about myself, but am released without the tools to build myself back up after being torn down. i start working 60+ hours a week, going to outpatient groups, meetings, and raising my kids on my own. 2015-lose my job and relapse fast and hard. i get caught in a hotel room with one other person and a meth pipe is found...nether one of us take claim of it so we are both in turn charged with possession of controlled substance. i plead guilty because i know i am already going to be violated ad sent back to prison anyway. i get 0+5 ran concurrently for this charge. i do a year and a half and get out. 2016- i get out and start using again almost immediately this is the summer where i started allowing my sons to smoke marijuana at home. i meet the woman i am currently married too and she convinces me that it is better to known what the boys are doing instead of worrying if they are safe or not. i go into a downward spiral of insanity, checking myself into Intermountain, because i am just ready to give up, i get raped and break my pelvis in 3 places getting away from the guy who raped me, involve the kids in shoplifting from a store while i am high, and then i get arrested again for what is called a sanction-i do 3 months and get out and am in turn kept from my children (16 and 10). i go crazy being unable to see them. a month later I am violated for getting married, not going to live at a halfway house and getting in a fight. and am told to go back to prison. 6 months in to my stay i am hit with 2 counts of felony injury to a child for letting them smoke weed. It takes over a year for Ada county to actually serve me the warrants, they threaten me with persistent violator charges if i don't plead guilty, and the states offer was 2+13. my judge sentences me to 3+12, credit for a year, a 15 year no contact order with my children and sentences my wife to 1+4 with probation. i have done very well doing my time, haven't been in any trouble except for getting fired from a job that i will be returning too shortly, and when i went in front of the parole commission on December 11 2019, they told me that i was a horrible mother, that my children were going to grow up to be criminals, and their decision was to pass me up for 3 more years because they have let me out "too many times before". by the time my fixed time given to me by the judge is up, June of this year, i would be topped out on all of my previous charges, but yet i am going to be doing double the amount of fixed time set forth by the sentencing judge.

ii am on medication for my mental health but also for some pain that i have in my neck do to the rape and all that medical does is increase the dosage to the point that i am damn near incoherent at night. i want the pain to end, it is irritating.

Our classification system for IDOC is insane. Their are to classifications of charges 1-low severity-drug charges, theft, that kind of thing then there is 9 points-high severity murder, battery, and child i have just as many points as a person who murdered someone and had to fight my way to an override.....but i am still unable to go to an actual work center without another override. the classes offered are geared towards people who have little to no education. the classes are towards teen levels or lower. i was not challenge. it seems to be quick in quick out quick to re offend . there seems to be little hope for the prisoners of Idaho. Once in the system, it is hard to get out

thank you for doing this for us sorry about all the typos but i was in a super hurry

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