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The Addiction Sickness: A Poem

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

This sickness of addiction is a lot like cancer, addiction doesn’t discriminate, from 8 to 88 as long as you’re able to participate. Addiction doesn’t care about the color of your skin, or your anatomy man to one woman, it just infects.

Unfortunately, once your addict you will always be an addict. Once the damage has been done in can’t be undone. However, with the appropriate treatment you may have a chance at a semi normal life and even recovery.

It’s my belief the addiction sickness is in fact the disease of the century. This disease has taken control of our streets and it preys on the weak, huh, crazy to think that they have so much in common, victimizing and violating Human kind.

The meth man, he’s everywhere, he’s easy to find, and he’s cheap. He’ll take you for a ride, you can run but there is nowhere you can hide. He comes in unseen and he preys on the weak. ADDICTION is the devil and it’s the worst of all the monsters I have ever seen.

The addiction is what’s causing us to re-offend and come back, it doesn’t discriminate it just attacks. The disease plagues us all the same, can’t you see? Trauma, hurt, brokenness… the life of an addict, it’s a curse.

Unsure how to face it, unsure how to change it, unsure how to heal so we attempt to handle it on our own, and deal with it.

Instead of help or treatment, OUR government throws us in jail and cages us like animals, they are in turn creating criminals.

Punished further, changed, blamed, branded, burdened, and persecuted. They say they care, HUH words without action are useless just emptiness all air and a sound.

They have branded these men and women bad parents and taken their children away only to have thrown them into another damaging system.

It's absolutely sick the way we look at addicts? We have no care or concern these people deserver to burn, they have broken the law and been caught. Everything about that statement screams ALL WRONG!!

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