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I am writing in hopes that my testimony will be heard by those who can and will make a difference.

My name is Tammy Jennings Idoc #95464 .I first stepped foot on IDOC in 2010 for a grand theft charge. This was a result of my beginning addiction to opiate use. While under the influence of prescription pills I took a check that did not belong to me as well as bottle of xanex. Anytime something is used fraudulently regarding a financial institution like a bank it is considered grand theft. I learned the hard way.

I was sentenced to 2+4 for no more than six.I completed a rider and shortly after returned on a violation for marijuana. I was sent on a 90 day rider called a cap rider. Just another way to get funding but under different name I suppose. I soon violated my probation and I was back in court. My Judge sentenced me to complete my fixed time. However when it came time for parole I was passed up with no discipline problems. I realize that I needed help with my addiction however this time created a huge divide between my children and I one that has lasted for years. I finally did get granted parole but only lasted 6 months before I relapsed. I used heroin for the first time and picked up my first possession charge. I was a then sentenced to 1 1/2 + 5 1/2 for a total of seven. There was a recommendation for the Therapeutic community. The program that caused lots of controversy. I was in the program when I was up for parole but I was passed up again no discipline problems. That time I spent about eight months into my indeterminate time.

The Therapeutic community taught me values and how to process things.It also helped me gain my self esteem. As a result once paroled I stayed out longer almost two years. However in the last six months I was struggling with my sobriety, I was honest with my PO and even reached out to the Walker center in Gooding Id. They were just waiting on funding from probation and parole to get me admitted .My bed was being saved we had worked together on this for almost a month. I was in what I call the hamster cycle . I don't have my kids so I feel guilty. I use drugs, I feel guilty for using because I'm not a good mom..and the cycle continues..

I felt hopeless and the once again I was arrested . Another possession charge now I am a three time felon. I was scared I felt beaten down at this point I had done what they had taught to reach out ask for help etc. Where was it??? No funding or no urgency to say the least..I'm a repeat offender so I don't matter??? These are all questions I had asked myself. So there I was sentencing day my pubic defender read the PSI report she wanted me to do another rider. I told my attorney let's do my time and get it over with because I'm on parole anyway. So the Judge sentenced me to 1 1/2 + 2 1/2 for a total of four. When revocation made a decision on my violation.They forfeited 477 of my parole.. Last July I was passed for parole again I was not surprised. If I would have gotten out on my fixed time it would have been in Jan 2019..I am scheduled for a hearing in February 2020. As it sets I have completed a year over my determinate time. However since the board forfeited those day I top my new charge before I do my old one.

This has been a long journey, a battle of my addiction. It has tore my family apart. I wish that there were more resources on the outside that we could get plugged into to help prevent us from returning. I also would hope that the state would reconsider taking our state time. It doesn't do anything but make us bitter and take up bed space.

In closing I've done almost seven years in the ten year back and forth..For a long time I had no communication with my kids. Now I do with my oldest he is in St Anthony juvenile corrections. Now that his grandmother has given up on him and he is where he is based on his decisions I get an opportunity to be a role model and keep him from escalating in to further behaviors that will lead him adult prison. I pray that I am paroled instead of told to top.

Thank you for reading

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