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My name at Rebecca Vulgamore IDOC # 105060. I’m a 42 year old mother of three. I’m an active member of The Committee of Humankind. Humankind is a group of women working together fighting for change, we are committed to fighting for justice and prison reform.

March 2017 I was arrested for trafficking of heroin and possession of Meth. January 2018 I pled guilty to trafficking of 2 to 7 g of heroin. I was sentenced to eight years and 17 years parole. Does the punishment fit the crime? How is 25 years justice for having 2 to 7 g of heroin? I’m into my third year and have yet to receive any rehabilitation. When I’m in my sixth year of my sentence, I will be able to enroll in two classes pertaining to addiction. I’ve made poor choices that I am ashamed of. I also expect full responsibility for my choices. My crime is non-violent and I feel 25 years as excessive. How is Idaho breaking the cycle with no rehabilitation options? Justice and rehabilitation should be the goal of the court system. We need change and opportunity’s for success. Please look into what your tax dollars are being spent on. Thank you,

Rebecca Vulgamore

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