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Patience vs. Tolerance

What does it mean to be patient? What makes tolerance different? In today's world we hear so much about how we need to understand another's beliefs. To be tolerant of what others say. Even when what's being said and believed contribute to hate, chaos and distrust. Some of our states best leaders have spoken up about the need to be tolerant yet make no effort in putting to work their principles and beliefs and exercise patience to help anyone into better choices.

At Human Kind, A Voice From The Inside. Our goal is to contribute to a better tomarrow. We'll do that by building bridges not walls. When we exercise intolerance and impatience we build walls. The government, the police, IDOC. They are not our enemies. Human Kind is not anti IDOC, law enforcement or government. The only way we will accomplish our goal is by respecting the positions of authority they are in and working with them to effectuate change. We believe that by coming into a persons life and Loveing them the way they've always needed. We will establish a culture of genuine patience. We want that to be us. Human Kind begun from the passion and fire that burns deep down inside, that drove our forefathers to rise up and fight for "One Nation Under God". Dignity and respect are actions we OWE to ourselves and to one another. We want this to last years not weeks, We want this to be real, not fake. We want arguments, passion and debate, not secretes, conjecture or hate. We wanna be lifted up, not let down. Believing that its possible to take people with broken foundations, yet build together as a team to make a foundation that is indestructable. We ask you to please join us as one unified voice as we patiently emplor our leaders with kindness, understanding and tolerance, to see us as humans and focus on rehabilitation. We ask you to do that by posting on here real stories and messages that breed loving tolerance and patient understanding. Bring us your message with a Human Kind solution. Bring us your story with a Human Kind emotion. We are all Human Kind.

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