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Hi my name is Michelle Rose. I'm in prison for drug charges. since 2014 iv'e been in and out of prison three times. i'm on my sixth year of incarceration. since 2014 I've only been out 7 months. the rest I've spent locked up on 4 felony possession of drug charges. I truly believe the reasoning behind my incarcerations has everything to do with past trauma that i'm currently and have been dealing with since childhood. over the years life for me just seems to get worse. with abuse, rape, losses, and fear. fear of life and learning how to cope with the past and with life. i moved to Idaho to get away from abuse 11 years ago. and somehow it found me again. so i started using drugs to cope. I've suffered from homelessness many times with and without my children whom i currently don't have custody to due to my being in prison. i use drugs for many different reasons and I've taken many programs to help me with my issues and how to change my poor choices to live right. some work some do not. for my i need extensive counselling to help with the root of my problems. however the jails and prisons do not offer the support that i personally need. they tell you that you can "see a provider" but they just give you physic meds and I feel don't have the time or the qualifications. I need to be in the community to get the help i need in order to succeed.

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