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If this is my testimony and Chronicles in my life. My name is Crystal May. I'm the oldest of two, raised in Las Vegas, used and abused. My mom was a cocaine addict at the time. I left the age of 12 to stay with my grandparents. I knew my life would change. I'd be loved, saved and I would have food. I had my oldest child Kris at at age 18, graduated high school went straight to BSU. I had no car, I worked two jobs, went to BSU, and had sobriety. I went to school starting out with elementary education due to most part I'd been a single mom and my son in child care, I switched to psychology, than eventually social work, my emphisis in community action and then recently switched to trauma therapy. In 2007, I'd directed the SCRRP (Second Chance Rehabilitation Program) for the State of Idaho. I did my service learning for St. Vincent's de Paul. My intern with El-Ada and ACHA. I volunteered at YMCA, HIKE and many in my community, and eventually got involved with WCA, as an advocate and ambassador. I went through a rough patch in 2009-2013. I was abused and my trauma and abuse from a young age came through and out. I never coped so I drank and became an alcoholic. I got sober from alcohol for almost three years. I have been in an IDOC facility or county jail due to relapse since my felony DUI in 2013. I had not been in legal trouble since, and 2018 I found myself in a bit of trouble using drugs at age 38, for the first time in my life. I fought tireriously for treatment. I was accepted to one 12 month program, and waiting for acceptance to another. I'm still in prison over a year later and past my fixed time, done with a three month program and doing all I can where I'm at right now. Mostly sleep, wasting time, and funds. And my family waits for me, my life waits for me, and who knows how long I'll set here, honestly they IDOC holds the keys to my life. I'm one of many in the same situation. I'm still fighting for re-entry and rehabilitation, an alternative to Incarceration. I will contine to fight and do my best as my heart desires. I am a good Granddaughter, Daughter, Mother, and friend. I love life and my community. I seek peace and good days. I ask for help from the community to change laws, we are people to. Thank you, Crystal Mae.

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