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Hello, my name is Kelly Lesley and I'm writing to you from inside the walls of a Prison in Idaho.I'm currently serving a sentence of 2 1/2 + 12 1/2 for a to total of 14 years for paraphernalia that they were able to gather enough residue from to charge me with possession. I am a nonviolent "offender" as they like to call us here.But I am an addict.I feel I could greatly benefit from some sort of treatment/rehabilitation if only Idaho would offer far long term incarceration seems to be the solution myself and countless other ladies here are given.I'm sending this message as an S.O.S that someone will receive it and spread the word about the Idaho Justice system,and its favored excessive sentencing.I am just one of thousands who have been locked up (literally) and they have thrown away the key.Please, Anyone out there,HELP US.Please spread the word about the Idaho Injustice system.

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HUMAN KIND: VOICES FOR THE INSIDE Hello, my name is Amber Daniel, I am the Founder of Human Kind: A voice for the Inside. I am on your account because I am looking for men and women who would be inter