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My name is Heather Harris I was married at 15 years old to my first husband,we were married for 23 years. We had 4 sons one daughter,and now one granddaughter. I graduated with my normal high school class. We both went to ISU I did office technology and my husband became a law enforcement officer in black foot,where my uncle was the chief of police. Not all things end in a happily ever after as we all know. There are other stimuli and family genetics that came into play,addiction runs heavily in my family history. My husband got into trouble with the department and i didn't handle things well. What i discovered after 26 years of life was that nicotine calmed me down and alcohol takes away the pain. This was in 2002. By then all of my children had been born and my husband cheated while on duty,and i found i needed to do something to feel better about myself. I did that by becoming an alcoholic and partying,and sleeping around myself. I destroyed myself and tore my family apart. We decided to move to Nevada. My husband was no longer in Law enforcement and we had lost everything that we had. I was in an accident in 2008 and broke my back in turn causing me to become addicted to pain pills. When they would no longer give me medication to take away the physical pain i began to self medicate with heroin. In 2016 i received my charge for burglary. I was sentenced to 2 fixed and 3 years indeterminate. I didn't do well on probation and was violated and sent to prison due to my misdemeanor charge of petty theft. I wasn't given an opportunity to do rider or treatment for my addictions which lead me to my current charge . I went to board in January 2019 and they passed me until 2020 due to my probation history. When i saw board again this last month the board decided that they were going to pass me again until July of 2020 due to the fact they didn't approve of the plan that i had submitted to return to my current husbands residence. My case manager here at IDOC was retiring and failed to mention the need of a back up plan,she also failed to review my plan before submitting it. My fixed date was 7/5/2019 I am a minimum custody offender with no disciplinary and no bad c-notes. Unfortunately due to medical reasons i am unable to work. I feel that my case needs to be re looked at but i don't know who to contact and how to make that happen I believe i should have been allowed to parole home to my husband and family. Due to the decision of the commission i am forced to sit here 6 more months causing me to miss my daughters graduation. I have passed my fixed time and believe i have been unjustly punished for no other reason than the commission deemed it appropriate to further punish me. I should have been given a chance to re submit my parole plan to be more appropriate at an earlier date than 6 months out.

Thank you for listening

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