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Hi my names Feliza Fairbanks. I'm from Twin Falls Idaho. I am currently at SICI-PRC serving a 3 year sentence for a simple possession charge. I was released June 2019 after 2 years for a broken syringe. I suffer from bi- polar 1 and manic depressive disorder. I was only out 7 days and picked up a new charge. I use drugs recreational but I also self medicate. Pharmaceuticals take away my personality they make me a zombie andi still experience all the symptoms of depression and anxiety. I am not a violent offender I am sad and lost and trying to find my place in this world. if I am released on my fixed time all together I will have spent 11 years incarcerated for drug addiction. I gave birth to my only child in prison I am still suffering from the damages that experience had on my depression. I feel like I'm treated as a problem and the easiest solution is to put me in here so they don't have to deal with me. each time I'm released I'm in worse shape. I feel more alone, more misunderstood, I've attempted suicide on several occasions,both on the streets and in county jail. prison is not the solution for those of us with mental health issues and addiction problems.

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HUMAN KIND: VOICES FOR THE INSIDE Hello, my name is Amber Daniel, I am the Founder of Human Kind: A voice for the Inside. I am on your account because I am looking for men and women who would be inter