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Hello my name is Elawnee M. Pahvitse I'm currently incarcerated in South Idaho Correctional Institute, My charge is a Felony D.U.I. I currently have 18 months left on my sentence, since my D.U.I charge, I have not been given a chance with any outside treatment, such as D.U.I court, wood court, the judge awarded my probation officer with 120 day discretionary time which 30 days was used with 90 remaining. I have done a majority of my time incarcerated. I was denied an out date because i was not wanting to program, i was told "You have to do what we tell you or you don't get out" i was also told "You have to jump through the hoop we tell you or you don't get out." Just them saying things like that upset me I'm not in training for anything but here's the thing on my paperwork that was given to me from the program manager it says recommend which means i have a choice, which why i made the choice not to. My full term release was then imposed by the commission, they did state in the parole minutes that if programming was complete that i would be reconsidered for parole. I did S.I it was denied and the reason stated " Best Decision at the time" What kind of explanation is that. I'm a not behavioral problem, yes i did receive a D.O.R for being fired or quitting job which is a class c D.O.R. which is ridiculous. Considering i was not asked to return to th job upon her requesting me to leave, that was not my mistake. I have also tried to explain my situation to the warden, and i also wrote to the commission and was just told to S.I that was it.Considering out programming is cognitive behavioral programming I'm one of you best inmates. I started working the day i was eligible, followed all the rules, enjoyed every meal, and participated in church and bible studies. So why am I still here?

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