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Definition of INSANITY

To do the same thing over and over again expecting to get different results...

Corrections corporations of America " CoreCivic"

The largest private prison operators in the Nation. Also known in Idaho to be corrupted and un-reliable, with countless alligations of gang violence, assault, negligence, and in-humaine treatment to the men being housed in their custody. Corrections corporations of America has proved to have questionable character and demonstrated themselves as un-trustworthy. We have openly questioned their integrity and seen first hand that Corrections Corporation of America has created a very negative image at ICC, an image that i am begging the men and women in our communities to not overlook when allowing Josh Tewalt to sign this 5-year contract.

In July 2014 Idaho department of corrections officially took back control of Idaho Correctional Center, after 14 years as a forprofit private prison under the Direction Corrections Corporation of America. The history that was told to the men coming and going out of ICC was learned quickly and was taken seriously. Being in ICC meant they were no longer in Kansas they were currently standing in the middle of the "Gladiator School" known for the violence of the inmates, and the most violent of Idahos prisons.

The violence inside the institution was continuing to grow, with almost no record of the accounts because of the reality that you are forced to accept "institutional retaliation is real". Self-preservation and fear take over your impulse to cry out, and you find you learn to accept the ridicule and the treatment even the abuse because you allow yourself to believe that you deserve the treatment, or that you have done something wrong, or maybe you believe this will only make you stronger.

Corrections Corporation of America used violence as a tool to manage and manipulate the inmates. Often facilitating the violence, and or the opportunity to engage in violence as the officers and staff turn a blind eye. The officers and staff working for corrections corporations of America knowingly endangered the lives and well being of the men in their custody. Placing vulnerable inmates in the path of predators intentionally, and using power to assert control or violence to make a point.

The officers refused to provide protection to those that reached out and asked for help, they failed to put forth preventable measures to ensure the safety of our incarcerated citizens and yet here we sit just weeks away from allowing Josh Tewalt to sign another 5 year contract with this same Private Prison "Scandal ridden Prisons" says our Governor.

With 25% more inmates then there are beds its no wonder Mr. TeWalt is in a hurry to get rid of the problem, out of sight out of mind. I guess when you look at it from a different perspective such as someone in a position of authority you might see the easiest solution being the quick fix, but at what point do we pay attention to the fact that this quick fix to make more room, started as a temporary solution to our overcrowding in 2012, we are now in 2020. In just weeks time IDOC will be signing a contract with Corrections corporations of America to take 600 men either who are spread throughout Idahos detention facilities, such as jails, prisons, or the 600 that we currently have already out of state in texas, to be transported to Arizona, into 2 facilities about 60 miles apart. This solution is what josh tewlt calls buying time. This prison is also home to other state inmates from California, Hawaii, Arizona. I read that Idaho inmates will not be allowed to cross communicate with other states. I wonder why???

Riots, Fights, Rank, Dominance, turf, colors, gangs, old beef, new beef, for this reason, or that, this is insane. Why are we even considering this as an option?? We can not knowingly allow our brothers, husbands, fathers, uncles, and friends to be forced to continue to be torn apart away from our families, their children, and lives, everything that they know and thrown into limbo, forced to live in the unknown, constant chaos.

Idaho has refused to adhere to the many recommendations they have received in the last few years, leaving our state at a disadvantage if you ask me. Its time to embrace the change and fix the problem, not send them to another state. We need to be looking into reforming the criminal system, there is no justice in what's being done. We need to get with reevaluating the laws in Idaho, look into simple solutions such as GOOD TIME, and getting rid of MANDATORY MINIMUMS, releasing the nonviolent men and women, and those who have served their sentences. The commission is not the judge, jury and, executioner yet they have the right to recycle our time, adding onto time served at their discretion

Idaho is now out of control, Idoc is now running the show. Other states don't want our INMATES, we are in the middle of a worldwide crisis and pandemic that is claiming the lives of the at-risk, elderly, incarcerated, young, healthy, black, white, this disease is consuming life, there is no discrimination, this pandemic isn't going to just go away. Yet hey here we are considering doing a very large move of men from one state to the next, back and forth all over the place.

PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE TOO, these men and women are human beings they are not objects that we can shuffle around as inanimate things. Moving from one place to the next and back again. I can only begin to imagine the trauma, and emotional distress that comes with living in a constant uncertainty a sort of limbo the stress and anxiety the inability to find a grasp on solid ground, everything is out of your control. We are people and are more than property and obligations to this system.


We can not stand idle while DOC continues to capitalize at the expense of our community members in Idaho, inside the institutions or outside of them. This "buying time" act that Mr. Tewalt continues to speak so highly about is 5 years to continue to let the prison system find reasons to imprison more men and women for excessive sentences, and to find a way to prove to society that we are in need of more prisons. Please don't allow IDOC to gain that much more control.

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