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Covid19 Concerns

As far as the COVID, this is kind of scary. I'm not so much scared for myself but I'm scared for the guys that are sick, I'm scared for people in the community. I wonder about the old people in homes that are already so lonely and can't see anyone because they're closed off for their own safety. I worry about how those old people are doing and I pray that they are okay.

We've been locked down for about five days now and it kind of sucks.

I spent a lot of time in closed custody and ad-seg so it doesn't bother me too much to be locked down. My celly has been a good friend of mine for years and we've both done a lot of time and been locked down plenty. (His girl is at Pocatello, her name is Trina you probably know her.)The one thing that does bother me is that they're jerking me around on medical care and I can't really do anything because I'm locked in a punk-ass cell. I try to keep in mind that there are two sides to the same coin and the staff is just as scared as we are...maybe more.

I can't get around the feeling that some staff seems to really resent the fact that they have to work a little more because we're locked down. As you no doubt know, shit rolls from higher elevations to lower ones and I reside in a decidedly much lower elevation, so I get some shit on me from time to time.

Can I blame IDOC for everything going on right now? No. But I have been kept up to speed about the implementation of preventative measures as they were rolled out and they weren't that impressive. The virus was undoubtedly brought in by staff which just goes to show that asking someone if they're symptomatic at the door when they're starting their shift, isn't exactly an aggressive pandemic response strategy. What happened here at ISCC is everyone got complacent, which seems to be the problem with the rest of the country right now as we're getting a surge in COVID cases that are threatening to send us right back into a full-scale crisis.

New York was, as you know the epicenter of the first wave of this virus. We watched as the people of New York responded admirably and courageously to this pandemic. Today New York is reporting much lower numbers than other places in the country and the only thing that is keeping states like Idaho from implementing some of the same measures as places like New York is politics, which means they value blind loyalty to a stale political party line more than the health and well being of their community.

The point I'm trying to make is this: If the people who run this state have a lackadaisical approach to protecting the community they're not gonna really give a shit about what happens to prisoners. The conversations at the highest levels aren't "Think of the lives that could be lost!" It's "Think of the lawsuits!"

So that's some of what I think about all of this, I bet you think twice before you ask me what I think about something huh? :-)

Okay Amber, really appreciate you!

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