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My name is Cassie Yoakum I have been an addict for 6 years. In my addiction I isolated from anything positive including family and friends. I took away from growing with m kids, missed out on opportunities I can never get back. Through my selfishness and bad choices, I missed out on seeing my kids grow through Elementary. As I sit here in prison I sit at a standstill. There's no opportunities for treatment or success within my recovery. There's no room to grow here. The only thing I've gained coming to prison is forced sobriety. There's so much more to life than what were forced to accept. I feel that I would of been better suited in In-patient treatment than slapped with my time with nothing to work with. While I was in my addiction, I couldn't find a way out, nor was I seeking to find it. I was afraid to ask for help because I knew what was to come. I want the opportunity to be a better mother to my children and role-model and I want to find the right tools to stay sober. We need help in our community instead of being shunned by society. There has to be other ways, prison is not the solution. Instead of putting us in a hole they need to help us to find the means to be successful. There's no education opportunities or job skills available. We sit here doing nothing but time. As soon as out time is up, they kick us out expecting us to be successful with absolutely nothing. All that's happening here is they're setting us up for failure.

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HUMAN KIND: VOICES FOR THE INSIDE Hello, my name is Amber Daniel, I am the Founder of Human Kind: A voice for the Inside. I am on your account because I am looking for men and women who would be inter