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Hello, my name is Ashley Muguira. I’m so excited to be a part of this movement through humankind. I met Amber (founder of the group) a few months ago. From our first conversation I was inspired by her drive and motivation to see change within our justice system. It was so encouraging to meet a woman with similar thoughts that had already put her feet on the pavement. There are so many issues in our prison system that need addressed. Who better to speak on these matters then the people directly involved in them? I don’t wish to take away from the fact that I have broken the law and that I am an offender. I believe in accountability as well as just scales and measures. My crime is that of DUI’S. I understand the severity of my offense as well as the repercussions that can come with choosing to drink and drive. I lost my father at a young age due toa DUI related accident. I also understand the addiction aspect of the matter and therefore have decided to join Amber in the pursuit for prison reform. Our state needs to offer adequate substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation. I’ve witnessed every day, firsthand that incarceration in and of itself is simply not working. I would like to inform the public to that the two mandatory classes that are offered by IDOC while incarcerated were designed for juveniles.

They are merely band-aids for some very mature substance abuse the issues. Nonviolent inmates are being sentenced to years in prison for addiction related charges without the sufficient rehabilitation. Millions of dollars in taxpayer money is being used for what? Might this money instead be implemented into their own treatment programs? There is so much that needs to be done before these matters reach a legislative level. However, if you watch the news or read the paper you know that we are headed in that direction. We all have a voice in a right to be hurt. The future of our generations to come is at stake. We need people in our community like yourself to come alongside us. We are Human Kind extending a hand of hope, to bring change, transformation, and freedom. Unfortunately, freedom for the snares of life. We are a nation that is in need of healing! Will you join us.

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