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My name is Andrea Weiskircher, I have been incarcerated on and on now for 20 years in the state of Idaho and this is my testimony. I was 19 years old when the state of Idaho handed me a 12 year sentence for aiding and abetting forgery. In any other state, I would have been placed in rehab and probably given probation. Idaho is a strict, old fashioned hanging state that likes to hoard inmates to make a quick buck on the federal governments dime. I have done every program IDOC has had to offer in the past 20 years including the awful Therapeutic community which was deemed illegal by the fed. after 12 years of brainwashing us inmates into subordinate soldiers. I am not deflecting from my behavior or stating that I am innocent of my past poor choices in any way. What I am saying is that at 19 years old in the midst of a bad needle addiction, coming from a broken home where I was raised with addiction and abuse, should not have been given 12 years in prison for forging checks into my own account to pay for my drugs. Idaho was never interested in rehabilitating me, their only interest in me was dollar signs. My PSI simply told them that I had the potential to keep coming in and out of prison and the potential to complete the programs which raises the statistics and numbers they could report to get more funding. On my very first parole violation after doing the T.C. the parole commission under the director Olivia Craven, decided to top me out and pass me full term of a whopping 5 and a half years. I got 1 dirty UA on parole and that put me back in prison for almost 6 years. I had a baby in prison on mother's day, which was my wedding anniversary, I did it alone shackled to a bed. I kissed my baby after 3 hours and named him, and said my goodbye. The prison was short staffed so I couldn't spend the whole 6 hours with him. I literally tried to hang myself back in the prison ward as I sat alone with an empty stomach in lock-down, wondering if anyone showed up to pick my baby up. If Idaho would have given me a second chance after my dirty UA, I would have cleaned my life up. They didn't though! I topped out my time and left with 6 years of bitterness and bad behavior. I lost my house, my car, my college, my husband, my child, and six freaking years in prison. What do you think the odds were of sobriety after that? Yep, I got new charges with in 2 years of topping. More non-violent charges related to my addiction and another 12 year sentence. I have now served more time for drug and forgery charges then someone in prison for murder. The parole commission are some of Idaho's finest, not! They gave me 3 more years for a few dirty UA's and a misdemeanor while on parole. 3 more years in prison for violating parole because I have addiction issues. People who are on parole with new felonies and parole violations get less time than I did for violating parole. A young man killed my grandma last year in a car accident from road rage. He cost my dad a million dollars in surgeries and life long you know what the judge gave him? 1 year in county jail for killing my grandma and destroying my dad's life. Idaho is the worst state for drug addicts and non-violent crimes. We have the highest incarceration rates for the lowest crime rates in the nation. The Idaho Parole commission in crooked, they capitalize on non-violent drug offenders and they get away with it! While my addiction has stolen my life from me, SO HAS IDAHO! We need to focus on how much money the prison demands from Idaho, it burns through the money that should be used for things that do matter like rehabs and detours from prison. Did you know that Idaho education ranks the lowest nationwide..why don't you put money into that instead of capitalizing off our addiction and forcing us to stay in prison for decades at $40,000.00 a year per inmate to be in prison. If you paid that much for rehab, I guarantee that My life would have been different if even a fraction of that was spent on trying to keep me out of prison rather than keep me in. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU IDAHO?? The truth in justice act needs to be brought to Idaho, that means we don't get put under the jurisdiction of the parole commission, we do our fixed time and we are guaranteed parole. Idaho is really messed up..Thank you for reading my testimony and thank you to The Human Kind for posting this.

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