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Amber D

My name is Amber Rose Daniel,and i am an addict. I've been addicted to drugs since i was 13 years old. My drug of choice was meth.

In November 2013 i plead guilty to a possession of a controled substance. I was sentenced to 2 + 2 not to exceed 4 years. On March 27,2020 i will have done 51 months on my posession charge.

This 51 months is spread out over 7 years. I have done 6 months probation that i was not credited against my time. seems to me to be apart of the loop hole in the system allowing Idoc to keep you in more than what you were sentenced to . I did a 6 month rider, 16 months in Pocatello at the prison and was released and did 8 months on parole in Pocatello. On December 12,2018 i returned to Idaho after living out of state in Texas as a fugitive from the law in Idaho,and surrendered myself to the custody of twin falls county jail. I was absconded for 3 1/2 years. Idaho told me not to come back into or around that surrounding states and i was a free woman. However, if i came into the bordering states i would be extradited to face the remainder of my time for absconding. On march 27 2020 i will have done 15 months here again in IDOC custody since December 12.2018 totaling my time for the 51 months on a 48 month sentence. I'm well aware that as you read my testimony it may seem like I am unable to follow the rules and comply with authority. well to be honest your right. That's why i am here taking accountability for my actions and why i surrendered myself to face my fear of incarceration. Addiction is a disease... no matter how far i ran from my addiction it was there waiting for me. I couldn't get away from it. There has to be other options,and another way. I have made so many bad decisions in my life and now due to my addiction i will be labeled a criminal for the rest of my life. I have a felony on my record and have done more than my share of time. I am here fighting for what i believe in. Nothing i do or say will take away the mistakes that i have made, and i own them. I only hope that i can help be apart of the solution and no longer the problem. I don't want to continue to break the law and get high , i want the law on my side helping those who suffer from addiction to get REAL treatment. Forced sobriety and incarceration is only a temporary fix to a long term problem. We need more than whats being offered. Condemning us due to a disease is not the answer we need help to succeed. Opportunities for success. IDOC doesn't offer help, they contribute to keeping us sick,and stuck in the addiction. Please look into the prison see what we are talking about,we are reaching out and asking you for help. HUMAN KIND IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR, and PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE TOO!!! THANK YOU

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