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My name is Amber Aggson,

I have been an addict for the last 28 years. My felony charges are drug related and have destroyed my life.I understand that my addiction has caused me extreme amounts of issues concerning the law and has made me a criminal.I am in no way justifying my behaviors as an addict I have been torn away from my family and children and put into a system that in no way is contributing to me becoming a better person or mother. I have received very little treatment or rehabilitation while incarcerated. Instead i have been left here with nothing but time. I have the unfortunate advantage of witnessing what this system is doing to the women who are housed here. Re victimizing victims of abuse and further destroying our chances of returning back to society in any better condition than what we were as we entered into the prisons here in Idaho. I feel strongly that instead of offering us the opportunities that we deserve we are given unrealistic options to give up our children or have them taken due to us not being home and apart of whats going on in their lives. Idoc has given these women DOR'S that are going to change their lives and continue to keep them in this system that i believe is broken. They are not protecting us as they claim to be. I believe our safety is of little concern to them.

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