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Hello my name is Amanda M.

I have been incarcerated in IDOC facility many times unfortunately it has nothing to do with being incapable of learning from my mistakes because I have learned many things while in an out of prison. It has nothing to do with being incapable of change because I have changed in many ways from my experiences and choices. It has has everything to do with being addicted to drugs and the type of support one has in life. Now everyday someone's getting sentenced to prison because of drugs. Those of us who were already on parole and messed up by relapsing are getting sent back to do years more. Since I have started coming to prison in 2013 when I was sent on a rider for a Possession charge then "flopped" and got my time imposed for Bad C Notes and Class C DORs where I then spent 3 1/2 years in prison on a 2+2 sentence many things have changed with the same results, people with addiction getting sent to prison. Now not everyone is just an addict in prison however a majority of people here suffer mostly from addiction and mental health issues. I see people everyday here who with just the right treatment, meds and support would flourish in society. Its not just our choice that makes changes happen its getting the right help. Now in my case I have been on meds and off meds most my life. It is difficult to find the right meds because medical seems to recomemd and give the same meds to everyone been if they have completely different issues and symptoms. Its also very difficult to be a fool happy healthy person when I can't even get my Hep C treated with the pills and treatment they have because they only cure peoples Hep C who is in syrosis which means the livers failing and needs to be addressed. However here right this very minuet at this very place they aren't curing any woman of the virus who really need it so how come the next infected but easily cured person can't get treatment? They make so much money off of each inmate but can't use some of that to purchase and provide treatment for those of us who can actually benefit from this treatment and have a full recovery in about 18 weeks! Medical wants us to be almost dying in our bunks in order to be taken seriously. I just found out my Aunt on my Dads side recovered from breast and uterine cancer and when I put in a medical request for a mammogram they said its not a close enough blood relation to be of any concern and check myself for lumps that are abnormal. I'm not a Damn doctor and she's my Aunt, my dads first and only child. So you see clogging up prisons with addicts and keeping people in prison for petty stuff like sharing a cup of coffee is not only proven over the last 7 years I've done total to be problematic but extremely hazardous and ineffective but also not having the effective change on our society at all. To max this problem getting out of prison and with any leg up seems to be almost impossible. There isn't enough support being offered or encouragement being given to make anyone believe in being able to change. I am not saying we as individuals need to be spoon fed an monitored, what I am saying is that in all the time I've done along with my experience in Juvenile Corrections, locking people with addiction and mental health issues hasn't been and won't ever be the answer we need HELP not enclosed. From what I've seen animals are treated better than we are and were supposed to be expected to act like adults...

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